International programmes

Sing for Your Life has developed partnerships with organisations in other countries. These organisations host participatory music making sessions adapted to the needs of the local culture.

New Zealand

We are pleased to now be working in partnership with New Zealand. The aim is to get everyone singing regularly and to demonstrate the incredible benefits to health and well being. Initial work will start in Taraniki and hopefully continue throughout the country.


Our partner in Finland is Jyvaskyla University - they support two Silver Song Clubs. One club supports the Rehabilitation of patients in the Stroke Unit at Jyvaskyla University Hospital. The other club meets in a Day Care Centre for older people. The Groups conduct participatory singing sessions featuring Finnish traditional songs. There are several student volunteers who are studying for Health and Social care qualifications.


There are two Silver Song Clubs in Rome. They are associated with the University of Rome as part of a research partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University.