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Canadian Sing for your Life News

12 Apr 2012

Local foundation receives funding to bring singing and music-making clubs to area seniors. Kelowna, B.C. April 12, 2012: Sing for Your Life...

The Positive Outcomes of Singing for Health & Wellbeing

2 Apr 2012

1. Physical relaxation and release of physical tension 2. Emotional release and reduction of feelings and stress 3. A sense of happiness, positive...

Adrian on Song for better health

30 Mar 2012

By Lowri Stafford of Canterbury Times They say music is good for the soul, but professional organist Adrian Bawtree believes its benefits reach much...

Dementia research funding set to rise to £66m by 2015

26 Mar 2012

  Extra funding for research into dementia forms a central plank of the government's attempts to tackle the "national crisis" in care. David...

'GPs refuse to visit care homes'

11 Mar 2012

Some doctors are refusing to visit elderly care home residents, a BBC investigation has found. Instead they are offering a diagnosis over the phone...