Frequently asked questions

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Q. What is a Silver Song Club?
A. A Silver Song Club is an opportunity for older people to get together and share in the joy of singing together as a group.

Q. I can’t sing. Will I have to sing on my own?
A. No. Everyone in the group is welcome to join in and if you would prefer to just sit and listen that’s fine. Nobody is ever singled out or expected to do anything they’re not comfortable with and there are no auditions.

Q. What happens?
A. We sing a wide range of music including a lot of well known ‘old favourites’. The sessions last about 1½ hours and include a refreshment break half way through.

Q. Do we perform to other people?
A. No. Silver Song Clubs exist to give pleasure to those who attend and you will not be expected to perform to others.

Q. How many other people will be there?
A. This varies from session to session but usually there are between 15 and 30 people.

Q. I used to sing/play, can I help out in some way?
A. Yes there are lots of things you can do. Please introduce yourself to the session facilitator who will talk to you about this.

Q. What will other people be like?
A. All sorts of older people attend Silver Song Clubs and everyone is made to feel welcome.

Q. I’m a carer, can I attend as well?
A. Yes, please do. We encourage carers, particularly family members, to attend and join in.

Q. What is expected of me?
A. Just turn up and enjoy yourself. There will be other people to talk to and people available to help you if you need any assistance.

Q. Can I attend for just part of a session?
A. Yes. If you need to arrive late or leave early this is not a problem.

Q. What facilities are available at the venue?
A. All our venues are easily accessible and include facilities for older people and those with mobility problems.

Q. Can I visit the venue first?
A. We understand that some people would like to see the venue first and this can usually be arranged. Please call us to arrange this.

Q. I would like to attend but don’t have transport, can you help?
A. Phone us and we will do our best to help you.

Q. Do I need to tell anyone that I’m going to attend?
A. Not usually. If you are unsure please call us.

Q. Is there any charge?
A. No. We are a registered charity and there is no charge for Silver Song Club sessions.

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