Music Box proving popular in Fareham and Gosport!

17 Apr 2014

We are pleased that the music box is been used and enjoyed by so many in Fareham and Gosport. "Kevin from Fareham Day Services has been sharing their silversongmusic box with his colleagues at Gosport Day Services for six months already! A group of 10 adults with a learning disability truly look forward to their wednesday  singalong group. They range in age from early 20s to late 50s and the most surprising thing is how each in the group can be emotionally affected by a song, but also the variety of styles and genres that all enjoy singing too!! All the group love the songs from musicals, and also classic pop from the 50s & 60s too! To those of a certain age the 70s stuff strikes a chord too .... I am sure Brian & Michael would be pleased that "Matchstalk men" is still popular all these years later. Hopefully more songs from that time will be added soon ...perhaps songs from Les Mis too??"