Improving mental health

6 Oct 2011

Sing For Your Life is pleased to announce that it has taken over responsibility for managing the Singing for Health programme in East Kent. The network of 8 Singing Clubs which meet each week support people with enduring mental health problems. The programme has been developed and piloted by The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts & Health and the Kent & Medway NHS Partnership Trust, both of whom continue to provide support and advice.

"It helps me to structure my week, to have something to keep going for. I enjoy meeting all types of people. It has been very good to meet new people who have experiences similar to my own. If I feel I might have a panic attack, I know how to breathe properly which helps. I would have very little reason to leave the house if I wasn’t doing choirs." Elenor, 27, Bipolar Disorder

"I have bipolar disorder. When I am depressed, singing in the group and coming together with other people lifts my mood and gives me something positive and productive to focus on. When I am manic, singing is something I can channel my extra energy into and express my enthusiasm for life through. The choir provides structure and purpose in an otherwise sometimes empty life." Kathryn, 31, Bipolar Disorder

"I do not feel I am a good singer and have little confidence in my singing, but it something I have always wished I could have done well. I feel comfortable that the group is not critical and doesn’t make demands. I need to get out of the house more and to engage socially with people, because I do not feel judged, I am learning to listen to what I should be singing, and to concentrate more." Andrew, 31, Bipolar Disorder