Our Evidence

28 Aug 2012

In 2010 nearly 300 people over the age of 60 volunteered to take part in what is the world’s first Randomised and Controlled Trial (RCT) to assess the value of singing for wellbeing. This trial, conducted by The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts & Health, lasted for 12 weeks with half the volunteers singing each week and the other half not singing.

The mental health of each group was assessed at the start of the programme; again at the end of the 12 week singing programme; a third time after a further 3 months had elapsed. The data was evaluated by The Centre for Health Service Studies using standard NHS measures. The results showed that the health of the singing groups had improved significantly compared with that of the non singing groups. Indeed, the benefits of the singing were still evident 6 months after the intervention ended.

This independent evaluation of our Silver Song Clubs has therefore confirmed what we always believed to be true: that singing provides significant improvements to the health and wellbeing for all those who take part, especially if they are older and suffer from age related health conditions.

To read the full report which includes methods, findings and conclusions please click the PDF file below.